September 12th, 2014, 6:05 pm


HELLO ALL IT HAS BEEN A WHILE! And, the reason as to why.. WELL...

I'm dropping Caprice. (But bear with me, there's a light at the end of this tunnel.)

Now, I started Caprice with one plan. That plan being, "hey, let's make it a short, Victorian setting about my favorite pairing" and 60 pages later.. it's safe to say I strayed off my original path. To make it short and sweet, I'm just non-thused about continuing a victorian universe for that long. (That and my plot was always only about 5 pages a head at a time--not that good for this type of story, and I twisted and convoluted around a lot to have accuracy, and a good plot, and good art, and..) Basically I was stepping on my own shoelaces.

I have really loved talking to everyone and getting support on Caprice! ;_; It was lovely! And hopefully I learned a lot about comicing in the process...


I'm here to announce that instead of Caprice, I'll be doing Out for Tonight! It'll essentially have the same characters in it, with the mains being Alt and Ezra, but this time it's modern day.. and the two of them are strippers! Pole dancers/Adult entertainers.. the general shebang! I'm really excited about this.. (and I'm really excited to not have to make the dialogue now because hoo-hah we rp'ed it through!) BUT ANYWAYS, I'm also really excited about being excited FOR this. I struggled a lot with my feelings towards the case, and it's never good to not-believe in something you're putting consistent effort into.. So.. I'm really excited! And hope some of you will be excited too!

So.. anyways, I'm sorry to all those I dragged along on my 60 page self discovery.. U___U BUT I'M GLAD YOU WERE WITH ME! MAYBE YOU DISCOVERED SOMETHINGS AS WELL! (or use my struggle as a lesson, haha!)

And trust me.. Caprice was going to have a bad ending. Out for Tonight won't, so.. this is in the greater good. XD

I will be posting this news around.. as a page, and on the tumblr, just to make sure everyone is informed!

If you want to contact me on tumblr, or dA, there are your links. Or just comment or send me a pm on here, whatever!

I hope everyone enjoys their day!~

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aw goddammit I keep calling my own webcomic the wrong thing

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