(still under construction lol)
Ezra he's bum who frolicks in Sinna because he's bored and likes advocating in support of his mother under a guise OK PHOTOS IN NEWSPAPERS OR WHATEVER AREN'T EXACTLY WIDESPREAD AT THE TIME (and now he wears a mask so LESSON LEARNED)
Altaire sad baby who hates himself but is also pretty vain and confident, all around wants to be a good person, but can't. likes candy and cute things and charming pretty guys and gals
Vincent sneaky and devious, likes setting things off. Almost always has a sly, smug look on his face and likes watching things explode.
Alexis Ezra's mother. Grew up on a hillside with her father, but married into nobility later in her life. Despises cruelty and injustice. Hugely sympathetic, but also brash and crude.
Nuraj Altaire's mother, noble and refined, cares deeply about her son and tries to keep him out of trouble.